Book Projects: EC Stories and other titles

ECStories Cover

In September I served as editor and publisher of Kat Forder’s EC Stories: Flood, Recovery, and Community. It’s a wonderful look at the people who helped restore Ellicott City after the flood of 2018.

Life moves on with relentless pressure, and I forget to update my page here about my writing and photography. This year, I’ve published a couple books of my own creation, and one by Kat Forder.

In the spring, it was Steam Locomotives: Nineteenth Century Engineering, a heavily illustrated book with original drawings and artwork from the best engineering of the century.

Followed by a small book of my family stories, mostly as told by my grandfather, Harper S. Wooddell, railroad detective and skilled hunter in West Virginia. “Here’s Another Story: Wooddell Family Tales” It’s also available on Amazon, for those with an interest in such material.



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