D. W. Welsh is keeping busy during the covid-19 pandemic

Daughter of Allegheny cover final

Daughter of Allegheny

Author D. W. Welsh is keeping busy. Last week, he published a novella, Daughter of Allegheny on Amazon as both Kindle and paperback. The story is a fun fantasy involving the Tall People of Allegheny Mountain. You may call them bigfoot, but they call themselves the Tall. Through three generations of Tall women, the reader is taken on an adventure of warmth, feeling, and magic in a world fully realized with detail and skill in the writing.


River Goddesses

The Tall women, Mother, Allie, and Kinzie are river goddesses. Their powers grow through experiences in the course of the story. I fully recommend this novella, and no, they are not who or what you think. They are more!


They are more than a pair of big feet

Why do they leave no trace? Or more importantly, how do they leave no trace? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out.