Early Bird Gets the Word

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I’ve been in the habit for so long, I can’t recall when it began. Some will tell you that my habit is odious. Some are offended by it. “Why can’t you quit?” someone asked. “Just act normal.”

“But this is normal,” I reply, “normal for me.”

Back when I smoked cigarettes, I used to think it was because I needed the nicotine. But it didn’t change after I stopped smoking. In fact, it may have become worse. I still drink coffee, and while I tell the dogs, when I rise at 3am that it’s just for coffee, that is my way of telling them not to hope for breakfast for a couple more hours.

No, the habit is not connected to coffee, though I enjoy my cup of joe first thing. There was a day last week when my wife asked me to do something before I’d had my first cup of coffee of the day, and I thought, just for a moment, that I’d crack. But I held it together, and didn’t snap at her.

Hard to conceive it is possible, but what I’m discussing this morning is more important than my coffee habit. It is the habit of getting up early to write.

The reason is simple: my mind is clearer first thing in the morning. And since I go to bed early, sometimes as early as 8 pm, I’m ready to roll out of bed and start digging at the word farm before 5 am. And that is what bothers many people. They like to laze around in bed, some of them until 8 am, if you can imagine! And I’ve heard that some people sleep until noon, though I have a hard time crediting it as anything more than rumor.

Recently, I found evidence to back up my claim that early morning is best for what I do. I love confirmation. I feel vindicated. It’s 4:59 am, and I feel like shouting out the window: Get up you lazy slugs, you’ll work better!

But of course, I’d wake everybody up. That will never do. They might find chores for me to do, or distract me with marketing calls, or spam, or post something to distract me on Facebook. No, I prefer to keep quiet when I am up early.

And now, back to writing. – David W. Wooddell

One thought on “Early Bird Gets the Word

  1. I’m a 9 hours a night kinda girl and if I go to bed before 10:30, I won’t sleep solidly through the night. I prefer the evening hours, after I’ve done all my “have tos” to write.


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